Redmine Wikis


With Redmine, you can easily create wiki pages for better information dissemination within your system, or within groups of users you intend to view the same for their own use

Redmine's project tracking system allows for the attachment of wiki pages to projects, issues and such other inputs within the system that requires additional data or information for better execution of projects and tasks. Users forming part of the system may create new wiki pages and edit the same as may be required over time. Redmine offers for a flexible creation of wiki pages as created pages may be modified, altered, reverted back to its previous versions, or deleted altogether.

Apart from the creation of main wiki redmine pages, creation of sub-pages to the main wiki redmine pages is possible. This may be necessary in some cases such as when projects or issues require additional information, or that the presentation of information requires to be that of a parent-child. As much as the parent wiki page may be altered, modified, or deleted altogether, so do its sub-pages. Text input formatting for the redmine wiki pages may be done through the text formatting feature of redmine.

Changes made in the wiki pages may also be viewed through the wiki page history. On this page, all changes made to each wiki page may be tracked and changed, allowing for the authorized users to revert to any previous version as required.

Protecting wiki pages is also another feature of the wiki redmine. Users may or may not be authorized to change the contents, or make alterations to previously created wiki pages, ensuring that only those who have the capacities to put in information on these pages as fit may do so.

Finally, users may create a wiki sidebar, providing links to other pages such as the start page, index by title and index by date.