Redmine time tracking

Time Management

Managing your projects and time allotment for each of them is easy with the time management tools of the Redmine project tracking system.

Redmine proves to be an excellent application for organizations big and small, intending to have an efficient partner-software for their project management as it comes with the calendar and redmine gantt chart. Both these tools are useful features of Redmine when it comes to those who are looking for solutions with regards to their time management. Functional, effective and efficient-- these are just a few of descriptions of the Redmine project tracking software.

Through the implementation of the calendar and gantt chart in your system, users of your Redmine system may be notified of all the pertinent activities within your community. For instance, they may be informed of a posted project, assigned key persons for the same, along with the issues that may be intertwined with these projects through the redmine gantt chart. The redmine time management features also allow for the filtering of information found thereon.

The Redmine gantt chart allows for the tracking of issues wherein the date of commencement and supposed dates of accomplishment or resolution of the same is indicated as well. Through the gantt charts, key persons are informed of the status of issues and the dates of targeted completion for the same too.

On the other hand, the redmine calendar allows for an easier web based project management as users can view tasks and assignments through it. Start dates and due dates as indicated along, providing assistance for those who intend to know when a project is supposed to begin and get accomplished by. Access to modifying the calendar details may be limited to authorized persons only; guaranteeing that the activities posted thereon are valid. Filtering information displayed on the calendar may be done too.