Redmine Roadmaps


Roadmaps allow for project tracking and issue tracking; promoting a more efficient management of the same for users of the Redmine system and other concerned persons in the organization.

As long as the posted project and issue remains active, users forming part of the system gets notified of the activities through the Roadmap. Depending on your preferences concerning the redmine configurations, you may also customize your project tracking system.

Through the Redmine roadmap, users are notified of current and past activities connected with a posted project or issue over the Redmine project tracking system. Development of the projects posted thereon may also be viewed, along with the relevant blocks of information indicated on the project. Relevant information includes the version name, the date the version is scheduled to be complete, the progress bar indicating the overall activities concerning the same project and the estimated resolution time and statuses of issues concerning the project.

Attached wiki redmine pages are also viewable over the Redmine roadmap, describing the goals and targets of the specific project, or simply providing information related to the same. Issues may also be attached to the input project viewable by key persons working on the same project. Through this, key persons working on the listed projects may be notified with the relevant data regarding the project they are working on and such other issues which require their attention as well.

As an added feature to the Redmine roadmap, a contextual sidebar exists provide for easier management of the projects listed as a part of the roadmap. For users forming part of the redmine free project management who are allows to implement changes through the sidebar, changing the status and progress of the same project may be done, along with the other relevant information and configurations such as target-versions, among many others.