Redmine on various operating systems

Redmine is a web based team collaboration application is written using the Ruby on Rails framework, working on cross-platforms and cross-databases. Redmine works on a number of operating systems and servers, including Debian, Ubuntu and SuSe.

Redmine is a web based project management software allowing for the integration of projects and collaboration of work through its features such as the Redmine calendar, redmine gantt chart, forums and wiki redmine, among many others. This application allows for the handling of multiple projects at once; thereby promoting better work efficiency within the community implementing this free web based project management.

Owing to the versatility of Redmine, accomplishing projects, resolving issues and tracking project progress may possible - and depending on the needs and requirements of its users, its features may be modified accordingly.

Debian Debian

Redmine works on Debian, a free operating system working on Linux kernel or the Free BSD kernel. Supported by thousands of programmers worldwide, Debian is a choice for thousands of other users working through Redmine as well. This operating system includes a non-GPL software and beyond its official repositories for compliance with the guidance of providing free operating system or software such as this.

Ubuntu Ubuntu

An open source operating system, Redmine works on Ubuntu as well as it works on other compatible OS. A lightweight, stylish, yet equally functional OS, Ubuntu presents the largest array of development tools for regular desktop users to developers alike. With Ubutu support provided by Canonical, alongside its huge Ubuntu developer community, this has been the choice for a number of Redmine users.

SuSe Suse

Suse, also known as Suse Linux, is a Redmine compatible OS built on top of the Linux kernel, an open source software. Suse is distributed with system and application software from other open source projects. It is of German origin and has been used since 1994. Constantly on its way to further development every time, Suse is considered to be one of the oldest existing commercially distributed OS. It is also known for its YaST configuration tool.