Redmine and Other Project Management Systems

Redmine is a free and open source tool, written using the Ruby on Rails framework. Redmine is works on cross-platforms and cross-databases. Redmine offers a flexible free web based project management solutions for organizations big and small and for a number of persons who work for and under the same team.

Redmine is a web-based project management and bug-tracking tool including a calendar and Gantt charts for visual representation of projects and their respective deadlines. Redmine can handle multiple projects and integrate the same for easier management.

Accomplishing projects, resolving issues and tracking progress of each tasks may be done over Redmine - and depending on the users' requirements and needs, the same may be modified

Apart from Redmine though, there are other web based project management software out for use - below are some of them:

Trac Trac

Similar to Redmine, trac is an open-source project management tool. Trac has a ticket system for tracking issues, a feature which allows for viewing progress of a project, along with an online repository viewing. It boasts a wiki feature as well, with customizable plugins to suit your requirements.

Jira Jira

Unlike Redmine, Jira is not an open-source software; though their functions are similar in many ways. For instance, Jira allows for team planning, easy management and communication between key persons. Organizations of projects, work assignments and issues are a part of the allowable team activities in Jira.

Basecamp Basecamp

Basecamp is another project management software online, mostly for keeping tabs on multiple projects at once. Attaching documents as well as creating drafts and notes over Basecamp is possible, with its user-friendly interface.


Specializing in bug tracking, mantis is written in the PHP scripting language and works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases and a web server. It works on various OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac and others. Mantis is released under the terms of GNU or General Public License.