Redmine project management

Project management

Redmine is an open-source web based project management system which works on cross-platform and cross-databases. It may also be implemented across different operating systems and supports different languages and LDAP authentication.

Redmine is a dynamic, secure and free project management system which allows for multiple project support for organizations big or small. This main feature which is sought for by its users is its project management capacities, which also come with gantt chart and calendar, resulting to an easier and more flexible project tracking and redmine issue tracking for its users.

Communication, which is a vital aspect of project management, is also taken care of by Redmine. Information and communications dissemination throughout the system through news, documents and file management is possible with this software. Email notifications may also be activated depending on the system's preferences. Through this, communications are disseminated more efficiently across the system and its users.

Redmine issue tracking and redmine time tracking is also possible, allowing for its integrated users to get a heads-up on the progress and possible glitches of each project every time.

Access to each listed project's wiki and forums is also another functionality of the Redmine solutions. Aside from this, tracking changes in these wiki redmine is also possible, along with reverting to the previous versions as desired. Participating in each project's forum may also be done over Redmine.

Application and implementation of custom field for issues, time-entries, projects and users is also another feature of Redmine, allowing for optimum customization and modifications based on the users' preferences. Through this, the Redmine system works in accordance with the needs and specific requirements of its users and that of the organization implementing this kind of project tracking software.

Plugins for better user experience may also be implemented. Versions of Redmine are updated periodically; thus, with constant updates and maintenance, Redmine installation is guaranteed to provide for excellent user-experience.