Redmine Forums

Message Boards

The creation of forums is one feature of Redmine that allows maximum participation for members of the system.

Creation of message boards with Redmine to allow for more quick and more efficient communication is possible with the Redmine free project management software as it comes with several features such as forums, redmine gantt, redmine calendar, news, wiki, among many others. Through these features, users of the Redmine system is able to communicate with one another and share relevant information within the network.

Through the forum, members can post issues, or such other concerns which requires the attention of the community. In turn, other members may post in replies, resolutions and other communications through the same forum.

The message board feature of Redmine is also customizable in many different aspects; promoting better flexibility and in turn, better efficiency along the way as well. With the Redmine web based project management software, your team works as it is supposed to be working like - as a team!

The redmine gantt is another means to post in communications within the system. Through the redmine gantt chart, members of the system is able to point out issue they may encounter along the way, also permitting others to view the same issue. Through this, issues are better resolved and communications which may be of importance to the community is aired out. Issues posted on the gantt chart also permits the attachment of wiki pages, documents, notes and such other pertinent texts.

Similar to the redmine gantt chart, there is the calendar feature of this application too. Through the calendar, persons are informed of their tasks and projects and such other relevant information regarding their respective assignments such as commencement dates and targeted date of completion. Through the calendar, everyone is given a heads up on each project allowing them to work in accordance with the set schedule.