Redmine Issues Management

Issues Management

Issues and ticket management is among the main features of the Redmine issue tracking system.

This web based project management software allows for its users to get to know about the issues posted in the Redmine application, either for the attention of specific 'watchers' or for the entire community to see. Along with the main issues posted thereon, quoting others' messages attached to the issues and editing the same may be done over Redmine. Wiki redmine pages and documents may be attached along the issues posted thereon. Tickets management is also given ample consideration as the same is easily viewable by users forming part of the Redmine system.

Editing, moving and deleting issues and tickets in numbers as they come in bulk in the Redmine issue tracking is possible, allowing for better ease in issue and ticket management. This provides for a more efficient and effective management of the issue and tickets list in your Redmine system.

For verification of details of each issue though before applying changes to the same, users may click on the specific ticket and view its corresponding details. Detailed reports are also available for viewing to the users of the Redmine issue tracking system.

Apart from the detailed information provided regarding the issues posted on the Redmine web based project management software, summaries of these issues are nevertheless posted too, providing an overview at version-level. The issues and their corresponding overview reports are split-up in different blocks, based on the level of priority, user to which the issue is assigned to, user who authored the issue, its version, category and tracker. Through this, management of tickets and issues are undertaken more efficiently and more effectively.

Installing and implementing the Redmine web based project management on your organization's systems allows for easier and faster issue and tickets management every time.