Redmine Activity Tracking


With the Redmine project tracking system, you get to have real-time updates on the activities within your community.

Upon the implementation of the Redmine free project management software within your systems, you get to have access on the list of issues and its current state. Apart from getting to know the particulars of an issue, you also get to see the 'watchers' who get the same updates as that you are having.

Adding issues, editing their subject and corresponding description is also a function of the Redmine project tracking software.

Sharing of documents is possible with Redmine too. You get to be notified as one or any of the users forming part of your Redmine system posted a document over the application, also allowing you to access and re-post the same.

Being updated of the latest news, messages and updates on the forum is another means to get to know about the latest activity in your Redmine application. Message boards and forums may be created over Redmine.

Redmine gantt chart and calendar also permits its users to be updated on the activities on any period of time. Through the calendar and gantt chart integrated on the Redmine systems, key persons are notified of their corresponding tasks and assigned projects. Tracking progress with regards to working on these projects may also be seen over the application.

Creation of wiki pages and attaching notes on the issues, projects and other pages shared over Redmine is another means to be updated on the latest activities over your organization. An even better feature of the wiki redmine pages is that they may be edited to suit existing information and may be edited or reverted to previous versions. Time tracking, as when gauging time spent over a project by a specific user is also possible with Redmine tracker.