Redmine overview

Redmine is a web-based project management and bug-tracking tool including a calendar and Gantt charts for visual representation of projects and their respective deadlines.

Redmine can handle multiple projects and integrate the same for easier management. It is a free and open source tool, written using the Ruby on Rails framework. Redmine works on cross-platforms and cross-databases.

We offer Redmine consulting services for all and every type of organizations.

Our services

Solutions design

With our Redmine solutions designs, you can be sure to have that integrated work platform that you intend to have for your organization. Ease in task management, project workflow, communication and file synchronization are just a few of the benefits you can have from our Redmine solutions designs.


Have you been considering integrating Redmine into your systems but do not know where to start? Then it's time to consider availing of our Redmine consulting services. Get to know more about Redmine and what it can do for your organization.


We offer training for organizations requiring the installation of Redmine in their working environment. Through the training we provide, project management over Redmine and maximizing its utility is discussed for optimum Redmine installation in the organization.


Modify your Redmine according to your preference with our Redmine experts. Customize your timesheet, filters, subject and descriptions, plugins and project hierarchy, among many others, with our Redmine installation and modifications service.

Plugin Development

With the development and installation of redmine plugins in your Redmine project management system, you get to maximize the capabilities of this tool. Make the most out of Redmine's customizable and extensible features with our plugin development service.


Whether you are running on Linux, Unix, Mac Server, or Windows OS, we can undertake the deployment and installation of Redmine free project management to your systems. Since Redmine releases a new version quite often, you can expect to have the latest versions with us every time.

Redmine features

Project management

Redmine allows for a very flexible project tracking and management for organization deploying this application. Cross-platform and cross-database, Redmine is written on Ruby on Rails framework and may be implemented on any operating systems allowing RoR.

Among the many versatile features of Redmine are multiple project support, redmine issue tracking system, redmine grantt chart, calendar, document and files management, time tracking and many others. Redmine free project management also supports different languages, LDAP authentication and databases.

Latest activity

With the implementation of Redmine project tracking in your systems, you get to know all the latest activities within your community. For instance, Redmine can alert you of the latest status of an issue, when it is closed, or when a new note is attached to it. You can also be notified of the latest news, messages, documents, forum updates, wiki page and many more.

Issues management

Redmine issue tracking is among the main features of this web based project management software. With Redmine, you can get to know about the issues bound to a project, its progress and such other relevant matters concerning the same. List issues, quote others' messages and edit yours with the redmine issue tracking feature.


The roadmap feature of the Redmine solutions that we offer allow for issue tracking, resulting to a more efficient management and development of a project. As long as the project is active, you can also get a real-time update on the status of the same. Roadmap also allows for a customizeable redmine project tracking system, depending on your redmine configurations.

Code repositories

Configure your git, svn or any other repository with our Redmine services. Our experts can undertake the redmine solutions tailored to suit your needs; whether you run on different SCM tools such as git, subversion, mercurial or csv.


Create topics, subtopics, edit and apply changes on your redmine Wiki for information dissemination within your system. Manage your sidebars, editing histories and revert to previous versions of text if required. Our Redmine consulting services will help you manage your projects efficiently.

Time Management

Time management is easy with the Redmine project tracking system. Through the application of the gantt chart and calendar, an efficient, functional and effective project tracking software is implemented throughout your system. Get updates on the commencement of projects, issues and filter information found thereon with redmine time management features.

Message Boards

Create message boards with your redmine free project management software and communicate with the key persons across your systems. Redmine web based project management allows for the creation of messages to assigned groups, creation of wiki pages for the same and sticky messages for additional platform flexibility.

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